Project Description

Mobility hub Backnang Station

Urban competition for realization and ideas 2017/18, recognition – with capattistaubach Landschaftsarchitekten; Mayr | Ludescher | Partner Beratende Ingenieure; Breinlinger Ingenieure Hochbau GmbH

Awarded by: City of Backnang

Overall urban development concept – Gateway to the city

The railway station area of Backnang is located on an intermediate level between the lower situated northern part of the historic old town and the higher situated southern part of the city. The exposed position of this “city balcony” on the castle hill is in direct visual relation to the historic old town. The restructuring of this area creates a multimodal traffic hub: the new gateway to the city. The exposed elevation of the new “city balcony” with a high quality of being able to spend time there complements the important tangential level to the Old Town and the Stiftshof and becomes the starting point or endpoint of the “culture mile”.

The clearly structured tectonic structure of the new station/central bus station consisting of pedestal/base, supports and “beams” creates a representative effect and location-building identity on the city balcony and enters into a context with the historic old town. The constructions are realized in a combination of reinforced concrete and steel.

The multi-story car parks with their wing-shaped metal facades complement the urban development image on the city plateau. As a “landmark” they create a harmonious connection between the city and the landscape. The new infrastructure buildings of the Backnang railway station area are transformed into an image of the city on the city plateau.